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Special Education Ombudsman


The role of the Special Education Ombudsman is to serve as a resource to provide information and support to parents, students and educators regarding special education rights and services. Appointed by the Commissioner of Education, the ombudsman performs duties that include serving as a source of information for parents, students, educators and interested members of the public that helps them better understand state and federal laws and regulations governing special education. The ombudsman also provides information and support to parents of students with disabilities to help them understand and navigate the process for obtaining special education evaluations and services.

Contact Information

Cynthia Hoenes-Saindon
Phone: 609-376-9060  Fax: 609-984-8422


Thursday's Tip To A Better IEP

What is an IEP?

An Individualized Education Plan is a written document that describes the education plan for a student with an intellectual and/or a developmental disability. The IEP  is the foundation for a child's education. The IEP lists the special education an individual will receive based upon their needs. It's important that student's and their family members understand what's written in the IEP and that they take an active role in developing this document.

Have some goals in mind for your child

Come with a list of goals yourself — don’t just rely on the team. This is your child, and you can add valuable insight. Don’t be afraid to disagree with a goal that’s been made. You are the parent, and you have the final say.


IEP Go Bag


Wear it Wednesday!

We wore our jeans with a purpose to raise money to help support the quality of life for individuals affected by 22q11.2 Syndrome and donated to The International 22q11.2 Foundation Inc. 

In honor of Ava Desiderato

Each month The Arc of New Jersey Family Institute spotlights a different developmental disability to help build awareness and educate others about the disability. Learn more below.


How To Adjust Your Home For A Child With A Disability

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Project SEARCH: Transitioning Students with Disabilities to Work in Union County

Project SEARCH is a one-year, business-led, unpaid internship program for students with disabilities in their last year of high school that takes place entirely at a host business site. It provides students who want to work a chance to explore careers and develop transferable job skills. The combination of instruction and immersion in the workplace prepares young adults with disabilities to make successful transitions from school to productive adult life.

Applications due April 27, 2018

For more information, email or call (908) 233-9317 x246

Series Sheds Light on Sexual Abuse of People with I/DD

This week NPR – National Public Radio - launched a 7 part series on the sexual abuse of adults with I/DD. In this time of heightened awareness about sexual harassment, assault and violence, the plight of a vulnerable population at significant risk - people with I/DD - needs to be discussed, addressed and made a priority. For decades, The Arc of New Jersey has worked to enact policy to protect people with I/DD, and educate the public so that they become our partners in keeping people safe. We have also developed programs for people with I/DD to educate and support them, and reduce their risk of being a victim. 

As we continue to raise awareness and work to strengthen the safety net for people with I/DD, we ask you to join us in the effort by staying connected, speaking up and acting as needed. Click here to read more.

New Special Education Resource

Special Education Parent Advisory Groups – SEPAGs – engage parents, community leaders, and school district staff in collaborative teamwork to improve education, not only for those with disabilities, but for all children. SEPAGs ensure that there is a forum for meaningful parental input to the local school district, with the opportunity for system-level change.

Special Education Parent Advisory Groups in New Jersey l Guide to Developing and Conducting an Effective Group

FINAL CALL for Completion of Mandatory NJ CAT

Beginning in 2015, the Division undertook a massive outreach effort to ensure that all individuals receiving or eligible to receive services were notified about the need to complete the new NJ CAT. This included five mailings from January 2015 through August 2016; targeted one-to-one outreach from case managers and support coordinators; and numerous announcements distributed by the Division.

While the NJ CAT has now been completed for the majority of individuals, there remains a small number of individuals who still do not have a completed NJ CAT.

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Please note that all new graduates born after January 1, 1997, must go through the full DDD intake process—including the completion and submission of the DDD Intake Application and supporting documentation—to ensure eligibility.

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Each month The Arc of New Jersey Family Institute spotlights a different developmental disability to help build awareness and educate others about the disorder. Click below to learn more about this month's spotlight and resources that are available to help.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes

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National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN): Talking to Children About the Shooting

The recent shooting has evoked many emotions—sadness, grief, helplessness, anxiety, and anger. Children who are struggling with their thoughts and feelings about the stories and images of the shooting may turn to trusted adults for help and guidance. Use this resource when talking with children and teens.

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