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NJCAT Intake Form

NJCAT Intake Form

Are you a caregiver, individual or professional who needs help navigating the NJCAT (New Jersey Comprehensive Assessment Tool)? The Arc of New Jersey Family Institute can assist you with questions or concerns. Please include as much information as you can when filling out the form. After you submit the information, a member of The Arc of New Jersey Family Institute staff will contact you. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Important Info:

The NJCAT is a mandatory questionnaire used by DDD as part of the process of determining an individual’s eligibility to receive DDD funded services. The Developmental Disabilities Planning Institute (DDPI) of Rutgers University conducts the NJ CAT assessment on behalf of DDD. The NJCAT evaluates the need for support in three main areas: self-care, behavioral, and medical. The results also establish the individual’s tier, which determines the annual budgets that will be available for services.

How do the results of the NJCAT work:

  • Each individual will be assigned a tier. There are five base tiers: A, B, C, D, & E (as well as an exception tier – Tier F – that is assigned in very rare cases). There is also a factor that will be added to the tier for individuals with high clinical support needs based on medical and/or behavioral concerns. The acuity-based tiers include: Aa, Ba, Ca, Da, Ea (and again, an exception Fa).

What do the tiers mean:

  • Each tier letter corresponds to the budget the individual will receive from DDD.
  • Each tier letter also determines the rate providers get paid for providing services.
  • The budget can be used to purchase various supports and services.

** Sample NJCAT Assessment **

** There is a procedure to follow for a NJCAT reassessment, click here to go to our Appeals page to follow the step by step instructions.

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