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Overview of NJ Early Intervention

An Overview of the New Jersey Early Intervention System

What do you do when you are concerned about the ongoing development of an infant or toddler? We want you to know about the statewide system of supports and services for infants & toddlers with developmental delays called the New Jersey Early Intervention System. An Early Intervention evaluation may be the first step to find out about a child’s developmental strengths and needs – whether the child is losing previously acquired skills or just does not seem to be progressing in his/her development. The goal of Early Intervention is to partner with families and “coach” them on ways to support their child’s development during their everyday activities.

Presenter: Shakira Linzey – Wife and mother of three children, one who received Early Intervention services; Regional Family Support Manager at Mid- Jersey CARES REIC; earned a MS in Public Health from Temple University and a BS in Health Science from William Paterson University; has worked in the healthcare field in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut; and is a currently a resident of Somerset County.

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