The relationship between siblings plays a very important role in the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. As they care for their brother or sister with an intellectual and developmental disability they are often overlooked as needing support themselves. Supporting siblings may help ease anxiety and make them feel comfortable in their role as a caregiver. 

With this in mind, The Arc of New Jersey Family Institute created the Supporting Siblings Project. This initiative provides parents and organizations with the tools needed to support siblings in their role as a caregiver and offers siblings resources and community support.

What is a Sib?

The term "Sib" is part of a growing movement by siblings and is used when describing their role in the family. More than just a term for most sibs, it’s how a sib identifies themselves; it’s part of who they are.

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Presentation Topics Include:

  • Supporting Siblings Throughout the Lifespan
  • Including Siblings in Future Planning

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