What Is the ABLE Act?

On December 21, 2014 the ABLE Act (Achieving a Better Life Experience) was signed into federal law by President Obama.

ABLE Act will allow families to save for a loved one's long-term needs, via 529-style savings accounts, without jeopardizing an individual's eligibility for critical federal entitlement programs like Medicaid. ABLE accounts can be used for future expenses related to things like transportation, housing, employment support, and assistive technology. The Arc of New Jersey and The Arc of the US have been strong supporters and advocates for the ABLE Act. We believe these accounts will serve as another tool families and individuals can use as they plan for the years ahead. We are thankful to the sponsors for their leadership on this bill and to the President for signing it into law. 

The signing of the ABLE Act is great news and it puts us one step closer to having these accounts available in New Jersey. 

Next Steps:

  • Now that the bill is signed into law, rules and regulations will be proposed and there will be a period of time set aside for feedback from stakeholders, families and interested parties. 
  • After the proposed rules and regulations are finalized, it is possible that New Jersey may also need to pass legislation so that the provisions of the ABLE Act can be implemented here. 

We will continue to update you as we learn more about the implementation of this important law. In the meantime, The Arc of New Jersey encourages you to learn more about The ABLE Act by reading the National Disability Institute's ABLE Act: 10 Things You Must Know 


On December 6, 2017, The Arc of New Jersey Family Institute hosted an informational webinar on ABLE accounts, a specialized tax-advantaged saving account. This webinar demonstrated how an individual eligible for SSI or Medicaid can benefit from having an ABLE account.

Webinar Slides

The signing of this law is an incredible victory for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and a triumph to celebrate this holiday season. Thank you again for your ongoing support throughout the years on the ABLE Act. 

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